Living with an
Invisible Disability
Creating coping strategies and routines to survive everyday living.

Creating a greater public awareness of such problems, and to increase the amount of research done into these difficulties.

To help those children in school with similar problems to receive all the help and assistance they need
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APD  Links
Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is about having problems processing what you hear, all sound based information.

This includes processing both verbal conversations and verbal instructions.

And for younger APDs who have problems with phonic based teaching.
Guide to dolfrog on the Internet
Being part of an APD family is like living continually in a variable time warp.

Each member of the family who has APD will have different sets and degrees of APD problems, different co-morbid issues, and different sets of alternative cognitive strengths to work around their cognitive deficits.

So each member of the family understands all issues at different times and in different ways.
The OldAPDs
Adult APD Forum
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